Wanda, the surgical RV

Meet Wanda, the 31′ modified trailer! In 2017 we started down the path to becoming our own medical service.  We started by purchasing “Wanda”, a 31′ trailer which had been modified for spay neuter services.

​Then began the task of raising funds to purchase 60+ surgery packs, 2 more anesthesia machines, autoclaves, towels, sewing surgery wraps, surgery drapes, gowns, kennel beds, and creating our own paperwork. We are still refining our procedures but 406 animals were successfully spayed and neutered by our medical team working inside that trailer this summer and fall.

Our final clinic in November sterilized 76 animals in two days, 35 of whom were female cats. We have a good solid working clinic- the medical staff is comfortable with “Wanda” and the volunteers confident in their abilities to perform the duties we need to do to, from pet intake to sending the pet home and the many steps in between.

We couldn’t have done it without a tremendous amount of help from a lot of people and organizations.